Monday, 27 October 2014


Swartland Winery is located in South Africa and came in Singapore to make us discover their wines.
Swartland Winery is one of the leading wineries in South Africa, producing approximately 23 000 tons of grapes per annum. And the members’ farms extend for a 22 km radius in the hills surrounding Malmesbury, covering roughly 3,600 hectares.
The arable land of the Swartland region is ideally suited for the growth of grapes in the bushvine style and the many microclimates enable the cultivation of a wide selection of wines. The end product is much sought after for blending as bush vines produce grapes of excellent quality and flavor.
The climate is hot and dry, which they used to their advantage in Swartland’s vineyards. Dry conditions and a lack of water in the soil leads to lower yields and smaller, more-concentrated fruit. 
It is a mineral style wine, which can be interesting to try for wine amateur, but not for everyone.
They will perfectly goes with BBQ, roasted or grilled meat, strong cheeses…

Swartland Winery selection
Swartland Winery selection
Morne le Roux - GM of Swartland Winery & Lee Qi Da Director of Stellez vineMorne le Roux – GM of Swartland Winery and Lee Qi Da Director of Stellez vine

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